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Business Curriculum

In this section, consulting the Corporate Curriculum, you will have a clearer idea of the consultancy and training services of Lynx Territorio Sociale.

Lynx Territorio Sociale s.r.l.
Enterprise for innovation and development




Territorio Sociale was founded in 2006, from the meeting between professionals specialized in projects and services in the field of public development policies. It acts as a factor of innovation capable of creating favorable conditions for the individual, collective and economic growth of the territory.


Society and territory are two symbiotic and at the same time complex entities. For this reason we have thought of a series of services able to increase the value of each entity involved. The uniqueness of the Social Territory lies in its exclusive multidisciplinary approach which gives each project a high and recognizable quality.


Today we are a flexible team of experience and multi-professional. We are bound by passions and common goals. We are a network, a guide and support of our customers who find in each of us precise, innovative, fast and advantageous answers.


Each activity is designed to provide the best technical assistance to public and private bodies operating in the implementation of local policies. Territorio Sociale is an innovation agency, able to intercept funding opportunities for the development of the territory and to support the projects up to implementation.


All the numbers to know and act.
Knowing the area, how it changes and who lives it is a basic element when planning or renewing services. For this reason, we are equipped with an area specifically dedicated to quantitative and qualitative research. Data becomes the crucial element to give life to a new way of doing business.


The right words to bring man and territory closer together.

Communicating means spreading values, sensitizing new styles of action and life. This is why we design and implement specific campaigns, with the aim of raising public awareness of issues of collective interest, promoting change and growth.


The strategic partner.

We want to enhance the innumerable territorial competences favoring the full synergy between the subjects, in order to achieve a truly integrated and sustainable development. Thanks to this approach, every local authority can count on an always innovative and effective planning support.


A goal for all ideas.

Each project is a complex system of actions, whose success is determined by the quality of management management. This is why our commitment and our capabilities go beyond the simple planning and creation of conditions for access to finance


Access to European rights for citizens, businesses, local and non-profit organizations

We assure the assistance of highly qualified specialists for the identification and development of project ideas in the framework of the various community funding programs. The aim of the service is to offer training and assistance to public and private entities, profit and non-profit, for the preparation of European funding applications. The assistance is always modulated on the specific and real needs of the customer and the contents are also developed through an active participation of the customer.

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